About Menot and
finance tracking

Manually managing personal finances isn't for everyone not only because it's time-consuming or cumbersome but often because budgeting apps that are made for this are trying to accommodate every single use case.

How's Menot any different?

Menot strives to greatly simplify the whole process of expense tracking, especially for digital nomads, freelancers, travelers, expats, and people alike. The main focus is shifted from expense categories, bank accounts, and month-to-month statistics, towards payment methods, their currency, and transactions made via those methods.

Think of it as an overview interface for your wallet, in which you have banknotes of various currencies, and it doesn't matter whether that currency is an Argentine Peso, Euro, or anything else, nor does it matter whether it's physical or digital. Additionally, with Menot crypto is not considered some obscure abstraction, it is equivalent in its use case to a regular currency.

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