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When you constantly travel and change countries it becomes nearly impossible to actually track your personal finances. Managing cash, various currencies, using crypto, or local payment methods complicates things way beyond what your bank app can do.

This is what Menot is for – add whatever payment methods you need in any currency, track how much you spend and earn, as well as monitor the total of all of your accounts.

Instead of spreadsheets, currency converters, and other overly complicated budget apps

Literally, any payment method

Add any payment method with monetary value – cash, crypto, bank card, or local options in your current country.

Any payment method

Only 3 types of transactions

In a nomadic lifestyle, managing withdrawals, spending, income, and currency exchanges is common. Track all of them in one place.

3 types of transactions

Build good habits

The only effective way to track expenses is manual input. Bank statements offer a snapshot of spendings, but no way to reflect on them while you're typing in yet another unnecessary purchase.

Build good habits by manually tracking expenses

One simple plan,
basically free


Start tracking your expenses now and see if it's a good fit for you.

  • Rates for 93 Fiat currencies

  • Rates for top 100 Cryptocurrencies

  • Unlimited & custom payment methods

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